Sensor network

Posted: November 4, 2013 in IOT

After partial success with 433MHz transmitters and a custom Manchester encoded library, I’ve decided to switch to using NRF24L01+ modules.

These are 2.4GHz, which in theory have a more limited indoor range. My testing so far shows I can reach from the study to the far end of the garden, which is though 3 walls.

So, I’m going to build a number of sensors using Arduino Pro Mini boards, with a Raspberry pi to connect to the network.

The RF24 modules are much easier to use, and can connect directly to the rpi (no need for accurate timing as with the Manchester endoding).

The disadvantage is the number of pins required to connect : 4 SPI, + CSN + IRQ (optional)

This rules out the ATTiny85 (unless I multiplex the pins and/or don’t connect any external sensors)

But the Arduino Pro mini boards are now very cheap.

Cost of pro mini + RF24 is less than 10AUD


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